Credits upto $2000

Cosmocloud for Startups

Give your team the toolkit to start innovating your ideas for growth. Securely build, deploy, and scale the best web experiences and build the most robust applications.

Feature 1

Scale your startup from Ideation to Growth stage

This program is meant for early stage startups currently at Series B or earlier, helping them build their product and multiple microservices to boost their feature development productivity.

Supporting next-gen founders

Cosmocloud for Startups supports founders with the right set of resources, from getting started upto all the way to your IPO. From access to platform, to credits and networking opportunities, we have got you covered.

Feature 2

Free credits

Startups can apply for upto $2000 in free credits to supercharge their applications with our No-Code APIs. You can use these credits across various resources on Cosmocloud.

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Expert technical advice

Our technical experts help founders grow with dedicated sessions that offer personalised technical recommendations to add scale and solve problems.

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Go-to-market opportunities

Engage with Cosmocloud's diverse community and partner network, including Cosmocloud events, hackathons and marketing initiatives to boost your presence in the market.

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Why startups choose Cosmocloud

Reduce time to ship features

Reduce your time to ship your complex APIs by building your backend components in minutes / hours and deploy to production in just one click.

Reduce total development cost

Make your developers at least 10x more productive and bring out a 10x ROI with your current tech teams.

No hassle to manage your backend layers

The multi-cloud abilities and fully managed platform of Cosmocloud allows you not to worry about any DevOps and Platform management.

Scale unlimited - from PreSeed to IPO scale

Serving 10 users or 100 million users, scale your projects with ease and without any downtime.

Are you a Startup Accelerator, Incubator or VC?

Make sure your founders have access to the best data platform, connections, and education for their rapidly scaling ventures.

Feature 2

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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